The global commerce began to transform with the development of container transportation industry. Container transportation is a modern and perspective method of cargo transportation. For the last ten years, the scope of container transportation has increased as for two thirds of all cargo global volume.

International transport terminals, located in the main transport corridors, play an exclusive role in the attraction of transit cargo. By today, railway corridors connecting 18 countries in Europe and Asia intersect the territory of Uzbekistan.

The ″UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS SERVICES″ (ULS) Company is the up-to-date railway container terminal, which is located at the crossroads of transport communications in the midland part of Central Asia.

The history of ULS has started from the development of large-scale project on the construction of modern and high technology container terminal in July, 2013.

The implementation of the project took almost a year, and we have conducted the solemn opening ceremony of the largest container terminal for the acceptance, storage, handling and shipping of cargo modules of different dimensions in May 2014.  

The terminal is capable to handle any type of containers, including those with refrigerated, outsized and hazardous cargo. Convenient geographic location and up-to-date equipment make ULS the highly demanded terminal in Central Asian region. 

We are successfully working in the market of terminal services for more than three years. During this period we have managed to lay the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation with partner and client companies, as well as to kick off our other projects on the development of ULS container terminal infrastructure.