The development

1) Completed construction works on the laying of the paving stones platforms such as “Wave”

Based on the calculations of strength and slump, the company LLC “Story-Impuls” (St.Petersburg) has been designed construction with reinforcement of inert layers. For protection of the base, projected coating of the geomembrane (HDPE) linked with the general drainage system.

Coverage of the terminal is made the paving stones such as “Wave” that provides constructability and maintainability during the operating.

Within the framework of the project – engineers.

2) Completed mechanical installations for installation of autonomous fueling station of the company.

3) For creation of favorable conditions of work at night time were purchased searchlight masts with mobile crone, designed for installation lightings on the large-scale open areas.

Height of the mast is 25 meters. The construction is made from steel and coated with a protective layer, created using the method of hot dip galvanizing, it ensures long life of the mast and protects it from corrosion and the harmful effects of external factors.

The main advantage – the possibility of descent the crown, allowing to maintain lighting devices, e.g. to carry out the cleaning of glasses, to change the light sources etc. without any kinds of difficulties. The masts installed on the reinforced concrete foundation, the parameters of which depend from height of the construction, its weight together with lighting fixtures, type of priming and climatic conditions of the region.

4) Delivered and completed works on the assembly of three reachstackers Kone Cranes (Sweden), it has high load capacity, maneuverability and excellent quality.

Reachstakers Kone Cranes:

Load capacity – up to 45 tonnes

Lifting height – up to 6 containers (empty), to 5 containers (loaded)

Processing speed in sending and receiving container train which consist of 71 conventional cars-on loading 3 hours to unloading 3 hours without shunting operations of locomotive.

Due to the compactness, maneuverability and performance of reachstackers Kone Crones, on container terminal ULS implemented an effective method of loading and transferring containers with three reachstackers. Herewith, all processes worked out in such a way that during unloading container train can be overloaded directly onto client trucks.

The volume of building of the autonomous refueling station is 42000 liters.

5) Completed the construction of two covered warehouses with a total area of 3500 m².

6) Purchased and begun the process of exploitation 4 of forklifts of the company SHANTUI.

The main working tool in all models are forks. The effective hydraulic system provides excellent handling information of loaders and maximum precision operations carried out by them.

The advanced wheelbase provides information of loaders excellent driving performance. They can carry out reverse, to overcome the path segments on an incline of 20 degrees, perfectly to overcome uneven areas.

 Also on the list of their undoubted advantages – comfortable and ergonomic cabin of the operator, delivering high productivity.

All forklifts SHANTUI comply with safety standards, stable when performing hoisting operations, also simple and unpretentious in the service maintenance and repairs. Load capacity of loaders are from 2 to 3 tons.

7) One of the company's priority is to ensure maximum security of goods, which to stored on territory of the terminal. In this connection the area around the perimeter is equipped with modern security cameras. Moreover, created multimedia center of video surveillance with the ability to save the history of survey for a long period of time.

8) Acquired loader HELI - has all the advantages: powerful transmission, reliable engine, excellent steering axis, power steering, dual purification system of the fuel, the large area of the air intake.

However, exactly for these loaders, exploited, as a rule, in difficult conditions, would like to note:

- Ease of operation and maintenance – the absence of necessity for special tools and experts;

- The absence of unnecessary electronics - the weak link in unfavorable climatic and operating conditions;

- Temperature mode of operation - fulfills the conditions of Uzbekistan;

- It differs a special construction the load lifting mast, which gives an excellent overview to the operator. This is especially important for  loaders of the heavy load capacity;

- The lateral sides of the mast are adjustable, which facilitates operational control;

- Computer simulation has allowed to significantly increase the workspace of the operator. Comfort of the driver provides: comfortable seat with armrests, adjustable steering column, ergonomically situated display.

- Lifting capacity of the loader are 5 tons.

9) Stably growing volumes of cargo handled in the territory of covered warehouses have become an incentive for building a new covered warehouse with total area of 960 m². Successful implementation of the project has allowed to increase potential and possibilities of the customs warehouse the covered type.

10) Due to increasing amount of requests to various mixed cargo operations with road and rail transport, mobile loading ramp of the company “Rampa-Pro” (Moscow) was acquired.

Individually on our request was developed universal model of the mobile loading ramp to perform the overloadability operations with 3 cars simultaneously. Lifting capacity of the device are 12 tons.

11) Based on our mission and strategic plans on improve the quality of  providing of cargo handling services and high speed registration of the documentation, terminal ULS implemented a the software SOLVO TOS (St. Petersburg).

The system manages the processes of planning, receiving, storing, processing and shipment of containers and other goods in real time mode taking into account the specifics of logistical rail, road and intermodal terminals.