Сounteraction of the corruption

JV LLC “Universal Logistics Services”, based on the highest ethical standards of behavior, accepted in society, fully shares the approach of creating an environment of absolute intolerance to all forms of corruption.

It means, that ULS does not accept committing any actions, directly or indirectly contributing to the proposal, promise, solicitation or acceptance of bribes, the implementation of mediation in bribery, committing payments for simplification administrative, bureaucratic and other formalities in any form from any individuals / organizations or any individuals / organizations, including representatives of the state.

Any derogation from this rule is not acceptable for the Society, because it is contrary to our values and commitments to stakeholders.

We are making efforts, which aim to ensure that our partners, contractors and other persons, acting on behalf and / or on the instructions and / or in the interest of the companies, they have also taken commitments to create an environment intolerant attitude to corruption.