Terminal processing of containers

The terminal is located in a freight yard of Chukursay station, it equips with all the necessary means of mechanization, own access roads allow us to implement terminal handling of containers, loading and unloading of wheeled vehicles with a ramp, to send and receive loads with maximum speed and high level of service for our clients and partners

In the work of the container terminal use high technologies, due to which the client receives the full information about the location of the container on the terminal.

The most important advantage of the ULS is receiving and sending of goods on a regular basis by accelerated container trains. This allows to save time and timely to release the rolling stock. In addition, there are technological possibilities for sorting of private wagons of leading logistics operators and the possibility of sending in a southerly direction in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

The total area of a container terminal is 10.9 hectares. The developed infrastructure ULS includes convenient access roads, container platform, which includes the area of loading and unloading, depot of loaded and empty containers